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Tutorial and administrative support is available by phone, fax or email.



The benefits of Distance Learning courses from Avtech 2000

Distance or Open Learning enables individuals to acquire the comprehensive training - recognised as essential in today's fast moving work environment. Consequently many companies sponsor their employees on distance learning courses, especially if the training is not readily available locally.


Avtech 2000 Aviation Operations courses are open to anyone - not just those employed in the aviation industry or those with 'A' levels or a degree. Many of our most successful candidates are private individuals not sponsored by a company.


With some training providers distance learning offerings involve as little as a textbook and you do it all yourself, but AVTECH 2000 provide a complete education package - textbooks, workbooks, audio-visual media, assessments, tutoring and personal help as you require it.


Main advantages of Distance Learning include:

  • You can begin your chosen course at any time you don't have to wait for the start of a term or block course.
  • You can study when and where it suits you, depending on your lifestyle or your shift pattern.
  • You study at your own pace, no need to wait for other slower students, conversely if you need to take longer on some sections, or to suspend your studies for a few months, that's OK as well.
  • From an employer's point of view there is no lost work time or need to re-schedule shifts and cover absences.

How does Distance Learning Work?

Once you have completed an application form and paid the fees, or your company has been invoiced, the first two units of study and assessments are posted to you. When you have completed one set of questions and returned them, the third unit is sent, and so on. Tutorial help is available by phone, fax, email or writing to us.


Candidates will not need any specialist knowledge or equipment to start this course - not even a computer - just a pen and the enthusiasm to get stuck into a new and exciting course which will give you a broad knowledge of all aspects of the aviation industry, including how aircraft fly and how airports handle them, the basics of weather, the environment and the industry's economics.



We will invoice companies who are sponsoring students. Payment can be made by cheque (payable to Avtech 2000) or credit card (Mastercard or Visa) and must be in pounds Sterling. Payments must be accompanied by a completed copy of our Application Form (which can be sent by fax, post or email).


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