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Airport Operations - Distance Learning prices
Units A1 to A3   £240
Units A4 to A6   £210
Full course paid in advance £1215





Avtech 2000 Course Details

Airport Operations

Entry requirements

In order to complete this course successfully, you must have sufficient knowledge or experience to cope with the studies. Completion of the Foundation course will accomplish this - or you may have acquired sufficient knowledge through experience (typically three or more years in a relevant environment) or other studies. This can be assessed easily by completing an exemption assessment which is available on request. The results may indicate that you can enter the advanced course directly, need the complete Foundation course, or that some units of the Foundation course should be studied. In the latter case we will tailor the training to your specific needs.



Leading to a City & Guilds qualification, this provides complete knowledge of Airport Operations, the full course qualification covers the relevant elements of CAP 700.


Legislation/Communications - Unit A1

The requirements for an Aerodrome License; noise and the environment, planning applications. Customs and Immigration services. AFTN, NOTAMs and SNOWTAMs. CA48 flight plans.


Meteorology - Unit A2

Explains cloud formation, stability, severe weather and thunderstorms. How frontal systems, rain and snow are formed. TAFs and METARs. Upper wind charts and Sigmets.


Airfield Operations - Unit A3

Aerodrome reference codes. The dimensions and requirements for manoevering areas; declared distances, clearances. Airfield markings and lighting; bird scaring and safeguarding. Noise, low visibility operations, ACN/PCN and airfield servicibility.


Apron Operations - Unit A4

Covers markings and dimensions on the apron, marshalling and docking, storage and provision of fuel. Aircraft handling and turnround procedures. Gives an insight into security, control and flow procedures, customs and immigration, airport scheduling. The provision of terminal facilities. Security and an introduction to the Carriage of Dangerous Goods.


Emergency Planning - Unit A5

Covers Aerodrome Emergency Orders, rescue and fire fighting and dealing with survivors. Also deals with the removal of disabled aircraft and redeclaring distances. Security Emergencies and Emergency exercises. Methods for dealing with snow and ice.


Safety and Performance - Unit A6

Factors affecting take-off, declared distances and wind component charts. Calculation of maximum take-off weight from known data. Health & Safety and Human Factors.


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