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Avtech 2000 provides top quality training by distance learning in order to help people to develop their knowledge, skills and careers in both the airline flight dispatch and airport sectors of the air transport industry. Training is structured carefully to suit the needs of the industry and follows an internationally set syllabus.


Our courses lead to City & Guilds accredited certificates.

Avtech 2000


If you want some dispatcher training, wish to start a career in the operations side of the aviation industry or need to refresh or develop new skills to advance your existing career, we have the courses and learning options to suit your aspirations and budget.


You may want to limit your studies to one area mass & balance, an understanding of air transport economics, how aeroplanes fly or the requirements for airport lighting for example, which is fine you can just take the study units that interest you.


Students are taught through exercises in textbooks and workbooks, provided with model answers for some assignments, and tutored individually with others. Open learning can be tailored to suit your free time and with our courses you can study as quickly or as slowly as you want.


Individual tutorial support is available by phone, fax or e mail, and administrative support is offered throughout - from registration to post examination certification.


Major airlines, airport authorities, military personnel and individuals have all found the Avtech 2000 programmes to be invaluable.

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